Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hipster Black Metal

"Commitment to art can suggest effeminacy as well as obedience to the values of the social system (e.g. succeeding in the higher reaches of education by doing what one is told to do in order to be held to have understood the history of the art tradition). To show, then, as part of one's commitment to art, a commitment to jazz music as it appears within what is the deep base of the whole social, jazz experience is to offset the slur of effeminate conformism. To be interested in 'hot jazz' is to be interested in what goes beyond the threshold of excess as comprehended by the most dashing, philistine trendies of the period. Larkin testifies to the fact that he, as an academically successful young man, was drawn to jazz music because of its 'bad reputation'." - Roger L. Taylor, Art an Enemy of the People

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