Monday, January 18, 2016

Even the subject's destruction of himself cannot take place without libidinal satisfaction

"There is a kind of mysticism in perversion: the greater the renunciation, the greater and more secure the gains; we might compare it to a 'black' theology where pleasure ceases to motivate the will and is abjured, disavowed, 'renounced,' the better to be recovered as a reward or consequence, and as a law." - Gilles Deleuze, Coldness and Cruelty

Monday, January 4, 2016

"Market income does not reflect needs and a just society would recognise this. Many needs cannot be provided by markets (public goods and efficient health care, most obviously). All market decisions are crucially conditioned by the purchasing power – not everyone can work (the sick, the very old, children and so forth) and, for those who can, personal circumstances may impact on their ability to labour. We need to recognise that the needs of the individual do not always correspond to their deeds." - Iain McKay
"Pessimism is not the main culprit behind demoralisation. It can only be assumed that those making such proclamations have never experienced the guilt that so many activists silently harbour, about not believing the claims that success is around the next corner – something that they may themselves fervently insist to others – at feeling exhausted and unmoved by the repeated expressions of dire urgency, week after week, at being burnt out by relentless tasks and the moralism that comes with them.

"It can only be assumed that such people have never drifted away, or been tempted to, because their heart – heart-broken as it was, still is, at the world – wasn’t in it, no longer convinced of the efficacy of all that unthinking activism." - Rosie Warren, "Some Last Words on Pessimism"