Saturday, March 22, 2014

Can't stop won't stop

Tommy Frank(s) and Herr Reed:

You said to reverse all this, it requires a vibrant labor movement. How on earth is that going to happen? Actually I’ve made this point to progressives and they don’t understand. They’re like, “What’s so special about labor?” They don’t particularly like labor. Culturally, it’s not them. They don’t really get it. 

They like their workers when theyre brown and really abject and getting the shit beaten out of them but they dont like them when they try to work through institutions to build power for themselves as a class. Thats one way to put it.

These are people on the left that I’m talking about.

Thats who Im talking about too. Thats exactly who Im talking about. Its a few things. One of them is the cult of the most oppressed that I mentioned a while back. And as my dad used to say, If oppression conferred heightened political consciousness there would be a Peoples Republic of Mississippi.And the fact is all that oppression confers is oppression really. [...]
Theres a conflation of the moral imperative and the strategic imperative. In fact, its not even conflation, its substitution of moral imperative for a strategic imperative.

So what do you mean? We choose the one that our heart goes out to and imagine that they are the ones who have the answer?

Exactly. In a way, from an organizing standpoint, that often means that youre stacking the deck against yourself or picking, choosing, to focus on the populations that have the least in the way of resources, the least in the way of institutional capacity.

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