Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Why is democracy so limited that the voters of a city can't control the largest employer in town? Why did the Port of Seattle join in with the corporations against the minimum wage increase? Why didn't it simply mandate the new minimum wage for all contractors? Indeed, why does a public entity like the port have to [be] pushed by voters into a living wage?

"Other questions arise from the election itself: Why should the large number of non-citizen residents of Sea-Tac be excluded from votes with a real impact on their working lives? Doesn't real democracy mean that all residents should get to vote on questions that affect them? Why should corporations be able to use the profits they make from exploiting workers to try to buy elections and stop measures designed to benefits those same workers?

"And of course: Can we ever expect justice from the U.S. court system?" - Steve Leigh, "Setback for living-wage measure in Sea-Tac"

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