Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Anniversary (soon)

"King, Randolph, and Rustin may have tailored the tactics and goals of the March for Jobs and Freedom to political realities.  But they did not pander to opponents to their right. In fact, these civil rights activists actually organized the march over the objections of influential liberals, their alleged allies, including President John F. Kennedy.  March organizers ultimately refused to capitulate to the President's requests to call off the rally for two reasons.  First, they understood what Frederick Douglass articulated so eloquently more than 150 years ago, 'power concedes nothing without a demand.'  Second, King, Randolph, Rustin and the march they helped organize were all part of an extant insurgent political movement.  This meant that their political base was beyond the control of the Democratic Party's apparatus, empowering them, if you will, to press their demands in the face of opposition from both their enemies and their putative friends." - Touré F. Reed, "Obama and the Legacy of the 1963 March on Washington"

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