Sunday, July 28, 2013

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"Imagine a noted scholar of religion, who happened to be Jewish, writing a book on the historical Jesus. Then imagine him appearing on a television show, where he is repeatedly badgered with some version of the following question: 'What’s a Jew like you doing writing a book like this? Raises questions, doesn’t it?' And now watch this interview with noted scholar Reza Aslan, who happens to be Muslim, and tell me that Islam is not the 21st century’s Jewish Question."

Also, it's clear that the people at Fox News have just as much difficulty with the presentation of Jesus as an enemy of the state as they do with Aslan's faith. I'll let Klaus Kinski speak for Jesus on this subject:

"I am not your superstar who must keep playing his role on the cross for you and whom you hit in the mouth when he falls out of character. And who therefore cannot call out to you: I’m sick of your show and your rituals! Your incense disgusts me! It stinks of burnt human flesh! I can no longer tolerate your holy festivals and celebrations! You can pray as much as you want I will not listen! Keep your idiotic honors and praises! I’ll have nothing to do with them! I don’t want them!
I am also not the support of peace and security!
The security and peace that you achieve with tear gas! With rubber truncheons! I am also not a guarantee of obedience and order! Obedience and order of correctional institutions prisons penitentiaries asylums! I am also not a guarantee of success savings property! I am the homeless with no fixed abode! Who always and everywhere causes unrest! I am not the official Church-Jesus who is acceptable to police bankers judges hangmen officers evil clergymen politicians and similar representatives of violence! I am the caller! The instigator! The outcry! I am wanted by the police because you can’t argue with me that the existing order is collapsing! I am the hippie dropout Black-Power Jesus-People!"

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