Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"[T]here are cruelly destructive forms of surplus as well - as when culture, our creative surplus over Nature, fails to ground itself in the finitude of Nature and the material body and [...] fantasizes that humanity is infinite."

"What is infinite about humanity is desire; and communism, as I have argued, is about the conversion of desire in its 'linear', unstoppable sense, which has a lordly way with the particulars, to an unending exploration and enjoyment of the world for its own sake. What the transcendence of material need accordingly frees us from is, paradoxically, the immaterial. It is the immateriality of ceaseless acquisition which it seeks to rebuke. The transcendence of the material thus returns us to the material, in the sense of freeing us from those wants and practices which prevent us from savouring the sheer material use-values of the world. Only through communism can we come to experience our bodies once again." - Terry Eagleton, "Communism: Lear or Gonzalo?"

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